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Little Red
« on: 17-Apr-17, 08:20 »
Thought it's probably about time to get a build thread happening now that I've had my FJ for a week..

Already pretty well kitted out but I plan to do a bit more to it to get it more suited to me and get it exactly how I want it, well maybe not exactly as money is always an issue, but as close to how I want it as I can get it.

Details are as follows:
2011 Fury Red FJ nicknamed Little Red
37000 km with complete service history (owner got it serviced every 6 months, so it's had all the major services even though it hasn't done many km)
Expedition One front and rear bars
Warn winch
Prins injected gas system
125L long range main tank
Bilstein platinum HD suspension
Blackhawk UCAs and diff drop
4:56 diff gears and rear solid pinion spacer
Brake upgrade
Autocraft sliders
Safari snorkel
OEM roof rack with Baja Rack insert
Dual battery setup with redarc sbi12
XD alloys with new Kenda Klever 285/75R16s
Redarc battery controller
2.5 inch sports exhaust (haven't confirmed this yet though)

Not planning on doing a whole lot more but I will do some little bits and pieces as I get around to them, something like the below:
Going in to Prins tomorrow to get a full gas system check and service
Drifta drawer system and cargo barrier
Remove rear seats and replace with a platform to house autofridge, air zenith compressor and air tank setup, electric setup with possibly a third battery and a space for my dog to sit
Full transmission flush and fitting of a trans cooler
Replace the OEM and Baja insert rack with Rhino pioneer platform and front, rear and side LED lighting
Replace Redarc isolator with Blue Seas 7622 charging relay for reliability and to enable linking for winching and the like
Blue Seas 7725 safety hub 100's on both main and aux batteries with 16mm2 cable running into car and electrical box setup on the platform for 12 volt duties
Full sound deadening including roof (I find the FJ a bit loud and tinny so I want to sort this out. I've done this on all my previous 80 series Cruisers with great results)
New head unit and speakers
Switch Pros 8100 switch panel setup (Being the pre crawl model with roof console, I've only got two spare switch spots and these will be both used with upcoming dual battery monitor and usb)
Dash cam
Micks HID replacement projector head lights (currently find the headlights lacking in the FJ)
Unichip tune and replace exhaust with a full system if need be (I miss the sound of my supercharged 100 series with full 3 inch system haha)

Hmmm I wrote not planning on doing that much above but after writing that all down, that's still quite a lot of work and accessorising, so I best get on to saving :Sshhh:

Most importantly I want to get out and use this little rig. I found that with the last couple of vehicles I just struggled to get out and use them over the recent years just due to being too busy, I'm certainly planning on rectifying that though and getting out and about in the FJ as often as I can!

I'll try and get some photos up soon and will then keep updating as I work on it...

Cheers and all the best,


Little Red
« Reply #1 on: 25-May-17, 20:31 »
Haven't done much to the FJ of late, just been enjoying driving it and seeing how it goes as is. The answer to that is well..

Just got around to installing a bonnet decal and the FJCC sticker, both went pretty badly. Might end upon getting replacements and getting them done properly one day ha

Heading to the States for the majority of July and then have a WA trip for four weeks in August and September, so it's about time I pulled my finger out and got cracking on some mods and getting Lil Red setup to my liking.

Have order a drifter drawer setup, platform to replace seats and a cargo barrier to suit as well as the drift rapid wing awning. Should arrive in June so I look forward to receiving and installing those.
The other mods I want to do before the WA trip are the sound deadening (might start that this weekend), new head unit and speakers (most likely Kenwood DDX917 and associated dash cam), and a Unichip tune.
I've decided to stick with the OEM roof rack and Baja basket for now rather than a rhino rack as I figure I can get away with what I've got and could use the $ for other mods and the trip itself.

Cheers and I'll try and keep updating as I go :Idea:


Re: Little Red
« Reply #2 on: 12-Aug-17, 18:32 »
Lots done of late..
Rhino pioneer platform, drifta rapid wing awning and large rhino luggage bag
Drifta drawers, rear seat platform and autosave cargo barrier
Floor pan and rear wheel wells sound deadened, roof, upper panels and doors to come
Kenwood DDX917WS stereo installed
A heap of wiring done, fuse box and main and aux battery power posts installed onto back of drawer system
Icom IC-450 under platform with hand piece on centre console, bandi mount with GME AE4704B antenna (forgot to bring home my soldering iron, so will have to get the coax connector installed on cable on the run to Perth ha :huh:)
A few other bits and pieces that I've probably forgotten too...