Registration Agreement


This forum only has a few rules and they relate to how you are required to treat others.
*  If any of these rules are seriously violated your thread/post may be edited, locked or deleted.
*  If you violate these rules repeatedly you WILL be banned from the forum.
*  Claiming ignorance of these rules will NOT be accepted as an excuse for violating them.

*    Treat everyone with respect and treat others as you would want them to treat you.  If you don't have anything constructive, don't say it - keep it to yourself.

*    Do not post in a disrespectful, defamatory, adversarial, baiting, harassing, offensive, insultingly sarcastic or otherwise improper manner, toward a member or other individual, including casting of suspicion upon a person, invasion of privacy, humiliation, demeaning criticism, name-calling or personal attack.

*    Sometimes your dealings with other forum members will end in conflict - that's life.  If you are involved in a disagreement with another member, please keep it between yourselves and do not use the forum or chat facility as a venue for publicly airing that dispute.

*    Do not use any part of this site to post material (including messages, profile signatures, avatars, chat/shoutbox conversations, pictures, files, etc), or links/references to such material, which you know to be inaccurate, false, defamatory, abusive, belligerent, vulgar, hateful, adversarial, baiting, harassing, offensive, obscene, profane, sexually explicit or threatening.  In addition, discussions of political, religious, or racist issues are strictly prohibited.