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N.S.W. / Re: T-SHIRTS for the 2017 NSW/ACT Summit
« Last post by nadvans on Today at 15:48 »
All T-Shirt summit orders have to be in by COB  Wed 30/08!!!
All T-Shirt summit orders have to be in by COB  Wed 30/08!!!
No gas in the rears ?
Off Topic / Re: Uber
« Last post by Miles fj on Today at 14:26 »
I have no idea but the FJ is registered as being a 5 doors and I do not think that Uber is mentioning that it does have to be opening a certain way (not sure about that part just a thought !!)
Off Topic / Re: Uber
« Last post by RedFJC on Today at 14:17 »
I'd believe it would be a safety issue regarding the fact the rear occupants cannot exit the vehicle of there own free will do to being 'trapped' by the front doors.
I will be bringing some gluten free paleo pizza bases along as my partner is gluten intolerant, any celiacs or people with gluten issues ? I was thinking those pizzas can go first as to not disturb anyone's allergies.
Off Topic / Re: Uber
« Last post by KCCO on Today at 13:17 »
As far as I know Uber doesn't allow FJs. An Uber car must have 4 doors, and the FJ's suicide back doors that cannot be opened without opening the front doors is a problem.
New Members / Re: Welcome shan
« Last post by Getdan on Today at 12:03 »
Hi Shan
Welcome to the FJ world.

There's a few options for long range tanks such as these guys -

ARB do one for the FJ as do a few other suppliers - I have the OEM long range tank so haven't needed to upgrade but I'm sure plenty of other folks on the forum have and could provide more advice.  Check the older forum threads as well as there's a heap of very useful info in them.
Cheers Dan
Wanted / Re: Rear Bumper
« Last post by Stepho_62 on Today at 11:27 »

I too need a bumper.  Is this one still available?  A friend of mine managed to nail a small bet stout tree a couple of days ago resulting in the damage in the attached pic.
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