• #1 by dunskii on 12 Oct 2017
  • Hi all,

    First off I know I might open a can of worms here asking for peoples opinions and experiences, but right now that's what I need/want.

    I finally have Franky how I want it and its going great. The initial plan was to see if we could do big trips with out a camper trailer, but alas with 2 big people and 2 little people, more than a week is not practical. We got setup down to 30 min and pack down to about an hour, which isn't feasible when doing long journeys. So we decided to look at camper trailers again.

    For those who have camper trailers, what brand/model do you have? Soft/hard bottom and why? What do you like/dislike about it? What did you add/customise? How long did you live/travel in it? What was the worst track conditions it travelled on? How many people lived in it? How long is general set up/pack down?

    For reference, we're a family for 4 (kids 3 and 5), planning 3 trips. 1. To Uluru and surrounds for 6 weeks in 2018 (basically a test run) 2. A lap in 2019 for about 9-12 months 3. Across the Simpson and Great Western Rd in 2020 (haven't time this one out yet).  At the moment we like the Drifta Dot and Patriot X1.

    I've read though posts here and other sites, but figured it was time to open the can o' worms.

    Thanks in advance


    Edit: we have an upper limit of $50k
  • #2 by Neil Watts on 12 Oct 2017
  • Hey D, can I suggest you put a price range in there cause you'll get apples and grapefruits.
  • #3 by George on 12 Oct 2017
  • I have an Ultimate Xtrk. Three kids and two pugs.

    The ulti is easy to set up. No longer than 10 mins and that’s with a beer in hand.

    Will go almost anywhere. It’s light. Features quality canvas, nice and thick and much warmer than my blackwolf canvas tent. A HEAP of storage in the nose cone as well as the many nooks and crannies.

    The king sized bed is brilliant for babies and toddlers. Mum and the kids all comfortably fit. You can easily add a barrier at the end of the bed to ensure the little ones don’t roll off. The wrap around lounge converts to a king single for dad and his toe warmers (dogs). Whilst it gets a little cramped around the table/kitchen its fine if you can get a kid or two up on the bed.

    It’s also possible to purchase a canvas spare room that provides a nice safe space for the kids to play in without having to worry about spiders, ticks and snakes.

    The ulti is the best investment ive ever made. You’ll find it holds its value very well. You might even find you make a couple of grand on it. Like gold, its a terrific store of value.
  • #4 by Neil Watts on 12 Oct 2017
  • Also have an Ultimate, we have the spare room as George mentioned as well as the wrap around awning. On a 5 week trip, 2 adults and 1 Staffy, we only used the spare room once and as yet haven't set up the awning. There is a fair amount of storage up from but the spare room and awning do eat into it.

    The perfect camper you will never find, what don't I like about it is going up and down the steps all the time. The thing I like the most, which really surprised me , was having the ability to cook and wash inside. First 2 days of our trip was 10 degrees and raining.
  • #5 by Daunted on 13 Oct 2017
  • Tvan Canning.  You can get a decent second hand one in your price range.  We travel with 2 adults and 2 kids(6 years and 6 months) so the most we have gone away for is two nights.  It is comfortable enough for the 4 of us.  Wife and I sleep in the bed and 6 yr old sleeps on a stretcher on the hard floor with the 6 month old in his travel cot.

    It doesn’t take long to set up and even less to put it away.  It can all be done by myself while the wife entertains the kids.  To fully set it up with the kids beds is about 15 minutes.  To pack everything away is considerably longer but that’s because little people have generally made a mess.

    The best thing about it is that we can pack up in the rain and the bed won’t get wet - the canvas sits in the rear panel and not over the bed.

      It tows very well behind the FJ and there is no need for mirror extensions as you can see well enough.  Trailer brakes are a must because of the weight.

    What I don’t like is the kitchen set up.  It just doesn’t work well for me.  No real reason why.  Accessories for TVan are expensive, but easy enough to duplicate if you want to.