• #1 by Benny E on 09 Jun 2017
  • Hi Everyone

    I'm looking at purchasing some sort of gauge that reads off the OBD II Port, just wanted to know what other people have used and recommend. I have been looking at Autometer's new Dash Link or Aeroforce Gauge. I know a lot of people have the scangauge but they look a bit bulky and dated.

    Cheers Benny
  • #2 by StrontiumSteel on 10 Jun 2017
  • I use an OBDLink MX Bluetooth and Torque pro. Infinitely configurable, and can change to different software at will. You can get cheaper OBD adapters, but this one just works and doesn't give any problems that the cheap ones can.
  • #3 by Hemsy on 13 Jun 2017
  • UltraGauge MX1.3 here I used to run the ScanGauge on on my 100 series Cruiser but much prefer the UltraGauge after getting it for the FJ..

  • #4 by GazLaz on 13 Jun 2017
  • I use a $10  Bluetooth reader from eBay  and torque pro.
  • #5 by Lunchietey on 17 Jun 2017
  • ELM327 from ebay and torque pro if you have an android device.

    Very powerful tool and for engine monitoring(can even do two different gearbox temps). Also scans codes, clears them and all gauges can be customised from any output from the ECU you can find. Can also be quickly moved to multiple cars with different profiles for each.

    Also does data logging and trip logging via GPS with speed etc and acceleration, g force etc.
  • #6 by BirdmanFJ on 19 Jun 2017
  • I have an iphone. Should I get a blue-tooth one or a Wifi one?
    Which iPhone software is best? Dash-commander or EOBD Facile ???
  • #7 by Neil Watts on 19 Jun 2017
  • Should you get a blue-tooth one or a Wifi one?

    I think it depends on what your paired device is, I use wifi with iPhone.
  • #8 by GazLaz on 19 Jun 2017
  • Wifi for iphone.
  • #9 by Socrates on 23 Jun 2017
  • Is the Torque Pro app in the Apple app store from the same publisher as the Android one?

  • #10 by Lunchietey on 25 Jun 2017
  • Is the Torque Pro app in the Apple app store from the same publisher as the Android one?

    Doesn't look like it. The Apple 'version' appears to be a very basic text based display(from what I could see).

    Torque Pro for Android is good enough that buying a cheap android device as a dedicated display is actually worth it. Find a secondhand smartphone or even a cheap tablet etc from eBay that runs new enough android to run it.