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Just to chime in on the slides - Had an MSA side drop slide for maybe 3 months. Look like a good idea but i ended up hating it. Chewed up my fridge cord as well!

Really go and have a good look at them before you purchase. With all the rams and moving parts they are a bit of a pain.

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Re: Fridge setups
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I bought a Waeco 11 Litre fridge/freezer from Anaconda when they had them on special for around $230 a couple of months ago.
It eats up minimal space in the back, I run it off either my 38 A/Hr gell-cell battery box ($150 to build), or my 160W solar array ($160) or FJ alternator - or any of the above in any possible re-charge combination.
Keeps my perishables frozen and my bourbon cold forever.
I can also do a 30 min trickle charge to my FJ battery for an emergency jump start from either power source if needed.
No tilt slider or expensive associated paraphernalia required.
Straps down to my existing luggage tie down points too.
I also carry a decent 43L Dometic Ice Box - another Anaconda $200 special.
Still got ice cubes after a week.

Makes sense to me.
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I bought a MSA drop slide back in 2011 for my Defender. Used it once. Pulled it out, put it back in the box and sold it. What a heavy ridiculous waste of space!  Would be even worse in an FJ